Variety WA - Empowering kids in WA

All net proceeds from the 2017 IGA Carols by Candlelight for Variety will go to Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Variety – the Children’s Charity is all about empowering WA kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn.

By providing vital and practical equipment, programs and experiences, we help children in need overcome the obstacles they face to live life to the fullest and help ‘kids be kids’. 

We achieve this through our three programs:

The Variety Freedom Program: gives the gift of freedom, mobility and independence to individual children living with special needs, through the provision of custom modified tricycles and bikes, wheelchairs, specialist car seats and more.

The Variety Future Kids Program: helps children to follow their dreams, reach their full potential and simply have fun, through the provision of specialist computer packages, communication devices, scholarships, camps, regional and special education school support, sensory playgrounds and more.

The Variety Caring for Kids Program: helps kids live happy, healthy lives by providing essential medical and care equipment like nebulisers and electric beds for families at home, as well as supporting WA paediatric hospital wards, children’s respite and rehabilitation centres and more.

By attending the IGA Carols by Candlelight for Variety, you will help Variety WA to positively impact the lives of children in need, and their families, right across the state.

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How your support makes a difference


  • $150 can give a disadvantaged child the gift of joy with the experience of the Variety Kids Christmas Party
  • $1,000 can help a child who is non-verbal to communicate with iPad assistive software
  • $1,500 can give fun and freedom to a child living with a disability with their own customised tricycle
  • $3,000 can help a disadvantaged child follow their dreams with a scholarship in the arts, sport or education
  • $5,000 can provide a standing frame for a child living with physical disability, for physiotherapy at home
  • $10,000 towards wheelchair accessible vehicle modifications can help safely transport a child with special needs in their family car